Collected Works

This page brings together and organises most of the posts to date so you can find what you are looking for. Enjoy! You can also use the search facility to find the topic of your interest.

Learning ideas for students of statistics

Teaching ideas specific to statistics and operations research

Computer packages and programs

Data considerations


Teaching Report-Writing

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Confidence Intervals


Opinion pieces (not controversial enough to class as polemic)

Ethical issues in teaching statistics

  • Probability and Deity – When we teach about probability we need to consider our impact on students. (27 May 13)
  • Lies and statistics – subjectivity abounds in statistics. We need to teach ethically.

Curriculum controversies (particularly relevant for NZ Maths and Stats teachers)

The relationship between mathematics and statistics

About the subject of statistics

Statistical concepts

Statistical concepts – probability

About teaching in general

Operations Research specific

Other – doesn’t really fit any category, but interesting


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