AtMyPace:Statistics is a new and friendly way to learn basic statistical ideas. It is available on iPad and iPhone and iPod touch. You can buy it now here, or try out the free version here. The free version has all the functionality of the paid version, but with three topics rather than the full set.

Here is a recent review from a professor in Canada:

I’ve been tasked with teaching statistics in September to a class of 500, and I had no idea where to start. This app is amazing for providing intuitive ways to think about statistics, and offers invaluable support for a course. This includes animated videos to demonstrate concepts using easy-to-understand language, and quizzes for students to track their learning. I’m so impressed with the app. If you’re a student taking statistics: Buy it. If you’re a prof: Buy it.

AtMyPace: Statistics is now available for everyone on our Statistics Learning Centre. It costs $20NZ (plus GST for New Zealanders.)

You can contact us by commenting below, or on our Facebook Page.

Introductory video

You can see some of our videos on YouTube:

This one is about Types of data or Levels of Measurement, which many people struggle with.

And of course the remake of the classic “Understanding the p-value”.


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